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We Are Going Green
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Going Green

Hands Across the Harbor is Going Green!


In keeping with our belief of protecting our environment, Hands Across the Harbor is a registered “Athletes for a Fit Planet” Event. FitPlanet provides news and information to inspire you to make more environmentally responsible decisions in your daily life, about the events you participate in, and about the products and services you buy. Find out more at www.afitplanet.com


New this year you will see more environmentally friendly and recyclable products used for breakfast and give-a-ways.

How can you help us go green?

  • Register online to reduce our need for paper registration
  • Think 4 or more and invite your friends to carpool to the event
  • Ride your bicycle to the event
  • Recycle glass, plastic and aluminum beverage containers or bring a re-useable water bottle